Charles Ross Bio

Without light there is no image, there is no sense of being.  Where the world is totally black there is a void.  Nothing is there.  Add light and eyes see.

I began making photographs over fifty years ago.  At first, I made snaps with a Brownie Box camera then a I used a 120 Roleiflex camera for a time.  Later, I moved on to a cut-film Speed Graphic press camera and developing my own prints in a darkroom.  I shot babies, portraits, landscapes, sports, flowers and candid shots of my family.  Press photography and work with A. Aubrey Bodine followed during my college years.  A tour with the U.S. Air Force and a career in business interrupted my serious photography. Still, I managed to use a 35mm and a Polaroid to capture images of my life and times.  Following retirement, I resumed taking photographs.  I soon found that digital photography was the medium to explore.  Today, I use a Canon SLR digital camera and “develop” my images using Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter software.

It is the subject and the light that attracts.  The intensity and the color of the light cascading over a subject create the mood and emotion in an image.  The color of the light and how it interacts with the subject is what transmits a feeling from image to viewer.  Finding the subject, the proper time of day and the patience to decide when the instant is right is the work of photography.  As a photographer it is essential to grasp the instant in time where the light gives forth the desired feeling and portray that vision to the viewer.